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The success chain for interior fit-out

A two sided market place for project owners & OEM suppliers

Slashes build costs & increases end user satisfaction

A data driven contracting framework that bypasses the expense of traditional interior fit-out supply models

Kitspace is a tech enabled service for land developers

It provides on-demand access to OEM manufacturing of mass customized interior goods via a cloud based project delivery platform

Kitspace closes the loop from design & production to on-site construction & after sales success

Be your own supplier

Vertically integrate your supply chain without the need for acquisitions

The Shopify / Amazon of large-scale construction projects

A reputation based purchasing platform with measurable end user success

Design, manufacture, install, satisfy

Kitspace delivers choice, certainty & insight

Define your project offerings
Record end-user selections
Send to production
Monitor delivery & site execution remotely
Manage after sales service & customer care.

Kitspace ensures a fully accountable path to end-user satisfaction

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Our mobile technology is revolutionizing the high-rise construction process

Kitspace ensures a fully accountable path to end-user satisfaction

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