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Let the plumbers plumb, the painter paint, the tiler tile, and the cabinet installer install cabinets - Leave the material logistics to us

Kitspace is a tech driven logistics business providing off site material kitting and last mile delivery for the high rise construction sector.

Multifamily & Co-living

Project based delivery for residential development groups.

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Retail & Hospitality

For scaling business networks with physical touchpoints.

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Workplace & Amenity

Circular material solutions for adaptable commercial real estate use.

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Automated supply chain orchestration for interior trade contractor scopes

Offsite receiving, kitting, batch & dispatch of materials.

Just in time deliveries to power production.

We help real estate companies deliver interior space at scale.

Enjoy access to a logistics service that enables direct purchasing from OEM production partners, reducing traditional supply chain overhead and margin.

Consolidated / optimized truck movements.

Circular material management.

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Craft a winning interior product strategy to drive long-term success by aligning market analysis, product vision, feature prioritization, and execution planning.
Charting out a cohesive plan for your company's products to achieve long-term goals while meeting stakeholders and end-user needs. We analyze the market, set a product vision, prioritize features, and outline a development and execution roadmap.

Private-label collections

Elevating your interior brand with our exclusive private-label collections, designed to match your unique vision and requirements for exceptional, cost-effective solutions.
Creating a curated catalog and a system of premium materials, fixtures, components and design elements that align with your unique vision and requirements. We go beyond standard options by providing a range of high-quality, often bespoke, choices that enhance the aesthetics, functionality, installation and experience of the space. This approach ensures that interior fit-outs are not only well-designed but also reflective of your distinctive style and preferences, resulting in a truly exceptional, cost-effective and scalable system.

Pilot Projects and Presentations Centers

Bring your vision to life with pilot projects and presentation centers. Test, validate, and optimize your concept for a successful full-scale rollout.
Leading small-scale initial implementation of a larger vision. We design, test and validate the feasibility, functionality, and potential of the project before a full-scale rollout. It's a great way to prove your concept, secure early sales, gain proof of concept, minimize risks and optimize execution.

Production management

Efficiently manage production from sourcing to installation, optimizing resources for transparent, successful outcomes.
Planning, coordinating, and overseeing the creation of goods or services. It includes vendor sourcing, supply chain modeling, optimizing resources, maintaining quality, and meeting timelines while improving processes for a transparent, efficient and successful production and installation.

Last mile production / assembly

Whether it’s unpacking and prepping mechanical & electrical fixtures or assembling flat packed cabinets & furnishings.

Lean assembly lines at our regional hubs allow for material to be prepped offsite for a far lower cost, and with greater efficiency than relying on a site based workforce.

Offsite pick & sort operations

Simplify material call offs with project suppliers and ensure accurate inventory allocation and order fulfillment room by room.

Meet the material needs of each and every trade task when it matters.

Batch & dispatch service for last mile delivery

Arrange consolidated project deliveries synchronized to your build sequence and real time progress.

Ease congestion at loading bays and hoists.

Timed offloads available 24/7 to make the most of every available working hour on site.

On site distribution of materials

Our reusable delivery system is designed for maximum efficiency. Allowing goods to be safely and securely transferred from warehouse to final room destination with minimal effort and full accountability.

The same solution is used to remove waste and packaging from site on the return journey.

Waste management, circular reclamation & re-use

Build towards better for a sustainable future.

We help take empty trucks off the road, and increase waste reclamation / recycling activity.

Powering circular material management in the construction sector.